February 2001: Worship in the Shed

April 2001: The Billabong Congregation

July 2001: Filling in the Sandpit

November 2001: Fixing up the Shed

March 2002: Easter Breakfast

May 2002: Bonfire on the block

June 2002: Preaching in the Shed

September 2002: Worship in the Shed

2003: Billabong Congregation

December 2003: The only baptism in the Billabong lake

December 2003: Billabong Kids

March 2004: KUCA Camp Out

April 2004: 24/7 Prayer Room

April 2004: Passover Meal

December 2004: Christmas Breakfast

Early 2005: Billabong Congregation

March 2005: Easter Dawn Service

June 2005: Oasis Celebration led by the kids

November 2005: Billabong Congregation

May 2006: Worship at Ranford Primary School

December 2006: Billabong Congregation

January 2007: Worship in the old tent

April 2007: Easter on the lawn

April 2007: Easter on the Lawn

July 2007: Talent Night

August 2007: Laying carpet in the new tent

September 2007: 40 hr Famine

December 2007: Billabong Congregation

April 2008: The Billabong Lake

May 2008: Oasis House Demolished

November 2008: Billabong Christmas ADVENTure

December 2008: Playgroup Christmas Party Nativity Scene

December 2008: Billabong Congregation

September 2009: International Celebration

April 2010: Easter service in the rain

May 2010: 10th Anniversary

August 2010: Ambo the sheep wanting to join in worship

August 2010: Rev Mark Illingworth and Ambo the sheep. Jesus is the Good Shepherd

August 2010: 40hr Famine

September 2010: Worship in the Tent

November 2010: Dreaming a new building

December 2010: Playgroup Christmas Party

December 2010: Christmas Breakfast

December 2010: Taking down the tent

December 2010: Starting to tear down the old shed

2011: Campo the Billabong sheep

January 2011: Starting to tear down the old shed

January 2011: Rescuing turtles from the lake and earthworks

May 2011: Picnic at the Billabong

July 2011: Campbell Kindy transportables arrive

August 2011: Billabong Congregation

2011: Worship at Seventh Day Adventist Church

December 2011: Gingerbread house making

December 2011: Christmas at SDA

March 2012: KUCA Camp Out

April 2012: HIStory Easter Play

August 2012: Time to Build

December 2012: Christmas at SDA

March 2013: Luke's Ordination Service

September 2013: Oasis Celebration

February 2014: Baptisms and confirmations at the Beach

February 2014: Worship at Campbell Primary School

April 2014: Easter Dawn Service on the Back block

May 2014: The Signed Billabong Contract

June 2014: Groundbreaking Service

November 2014: Putting up the Panels

December 2014: Christmas Breakfast

July 2015: Billabong prayers under the carpet

August 2015: Plants and sandpit being put in

September 2015: Receiving the keys for the Billabong Community Centre.

Frances David, Rev Luke Williams, John Reynolds, Rev Mark Illingworth

September 2015: First event in the new building

October 2015: The Official Opening

October 2015: Ping Pong a Thon

October 2015: Billabong Grand Opening Festival

December 2015: Billabong Christmas Carols

May 2016: Conference in the new building

June 2016: Homeless Sleepout

November 2016: Baptism and Confirmation Day

April 2017: Good Friday Service

April 2017: Easter Egg Hunt

July 2017: Billabong Sleepout

December 2017: Baptisms at the Beach

December 2017: Christmas Carols on the carpet

April 2018: Easter Dawn Service

April 2018: Easter egg hunt

June 2018: Joint Youth Group worship night

July 2018: Billabong Kids Leaders

September 2018: 5th Sunday Service on the Armour of God

November 2018: Arts and Craft Fair

December 2018: Carols on the Lawn and Wombat Divine Nativity Play

December 2018: Christmas Breakfast

February 2019: Official Opening of 'The Space' and Chinese New Year Celebration

February 2019: Billabong Blokes

March 2019: Clean up Australia Day

March 2019: The Space

March 2019: Toy Library Opening

April 2019: Easter Egg Hunt