The Tent Era

December 2006: Billabong Congregation

January 2007: Worship in the old tent

April 2007: Easter on the lawn

April 2007: Easter on the Lawn

July 2007: Talent Night

August 2007: Laying carpet in the new tent

September 2007: 40 hr Famine

December 2007: Billabong Congregation

April 2008: The Billabong Lake

May 2008: Oasis House Demolished

November 2008: Billabong Christmas ADVENTure

December 2008: Playgroup Christmas Party Nativity Scene

December 2008: Billabong Congregation

September 2009: International Celebration

April 2010: Easter Dawn service in the rain

May 2010: 10th Anniversary

August 2010: Ambo the sheep wanting to join in worship

August 2010: Rev Mark Illingworth and Ambo the sheep. Jesus is the Good Shepherd

August 2010: 40hr Famine

September 2010: Worship in the Tent

November 2010: Dreaming a new building

December 2010: Playgroup Christmas Party

December 2010: Christmas Breakfast

December 2010: Taking down the tent