Local and Global Missions

In 2017, the Billabong was able to support and bless a number of different organisations. They include:

We also held a Compassion Sunday to support the work of Compassion. This involved showing a video about Compassion and encouraging the congregation to sponsor a child.

In 2018, we participated in World Vision's Global 6k for Water, walking 6km to raise money for people world wide who don't have access to clean water.

Coming up this year we will again partake in Ping Pong-A-T´╗┐hon, where we play 24 hours of ping pong. Funds raised supports the work of 8 organisations combating the slavery of some of the most vulnerable people in our world. In 2017 we raised over $10,000 (contributing to the $500k raised Australia wide).

This year we will also be involved in Freedom Sunday, which is part of the work of IJM. We will help create awareness of slavery around the world and encourage people to join the fight.