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Getting away to pray...

I recently read this story in a book called ‘How to Pray’ by Pete Greig, leader of ‘24-7 Prayer’. As we engage in a time of prayer in the lead up to Pentecost, I wanted to share it with you, and pray it motivates us to spend time in the quiet place with our heavenly Father.

I was eating a Hawaiian pizza in an Italian restaurant with an old Franciscan priest called Brennan Manning. It was near the start of 24-7 Prayer and he was plying me with questions. We were using knoves and forks, which isn’t how pizza is meant to be eaten. ‘So you guys are praying night and day?’ I nodded. ‘All the time?’ I caught a mischievous twinkle in his eye. ‘So tell me - how do you even know when you’ve prayed enough?’ I garbled an answer, trying to explain our model. How we were praying in shifts in dedicated rooms. Trying not to sound defensive. Trying to ignore his ill-concealed amusement.

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What's on at the Billabong:

Billabong Blokes

Super Heroes may have Super Powers, but they also have their own Kryptonite. It’s ‘the thing’ that sucks their powers, hinders them from winning the day and renders them mere mortals! What is your Kryptonite? And how do you recognise and defeat it? Mark Illingworth will lead us – so come along to Billabong Blokes, enjoy some refreshments and chat to other heroes just like you!

Wednesday 29 May, 7 - 9pm at the Space.

Prayer Room

Our prayer room is available anytime! We want to see it become a space for renewal and revival and a focus of God's love. If you would like to book a regular slot, please speak to Aaron, or come along during office hours.

The Billabong Toy Library

Our new Toy Library is now open! Come down and check it out in The Space on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month, between 9.30-11.30am or on Wednesdays between 10am-12pm. Membership costs $50 per year or $35 per semester.

Maintenance around the Building

If anyone is free to help with ongoing maintenance around the facility, please speak to Aaron. He would greatly appreciate the help!

Ways to Volunteer in 2019

Have you considered how you can help Sundays happen, or be part of the day to day running of The Billabong? Volunteer cards for serving areas in 2019 (Jan - June) are available on our flyer rack, or head to

Contact Database

We are starting to update our church contact database. If your details have changed or you aren't sure whether your details are correct, please see Anneliis or one of the welcome team on Sunday morning. There will be a print out on Sunday for people to check if needed, or forms that can be filled out with correct details.

If you are happy for your details to be shared in a church database available to members and friends of the Billabong, please let Anneliis know, or if you would just like them to be viewed by Pastoral and Ministry Leaders only. We value your privacy and will not share your information unless you give us permission to do so.

Details are used by staff to contact you and send out information.

What's on in the Wider Community:

Kenwick Girl's Brigade

Tanya Orchard is looking for someone to help lead the Junior girls at Kenwick Girl’s Brigade. They are girls in year 3-5. They meet on a Monday afternoon, from 3.30pm to 5pm at Rehoboth Christian School, Kenwick campus.

No experience is needed. All that is required is a current Working With Children Check, and a desire to serve God in this way.

Please email for more info or to sign up.

2019 Celebrations Roster

Interested in the other activities that happen at The Billabong Community Centre? Call our office on 9455 6474 or email