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What's on at the Billabong:

Youthcare Donations

Can you knit or sew? Chaplains give hand made Feelie Hearts and Kyal Bears to kids for comfort during difficult or anxious love them! Youthcare are in need of people to make lots more! Please click on the links below for the patterns. You can drop them off at the church or give them to Dinah on a sunday morning.

Kyal Knitting Pattern

Feelie Hearts Pattern

Luke on Leave

Luke is currently on leave until the beginning of November. If you need to speak to someone during this time for any pastoral needs or other concerns/queries, please contact the office.

31 May - Our Birthday!

Our 20th Birthday was on the 31st of May. Due to Covid-19 our celebration will be postponed until a later date.

Celebrating 20 years of The Billabong!

Hi friends,

As we head towards our Celebration of the first 20 years of our church, we want to gather stories of God’s provision and faithfulness through this time. If you have a story of an event, season or experience you remember as being significant in the life of our church, we’d love you to share it with us to put on the website, social media and/or newsletters. Some of these stories we would also like to capture on video and add photos (if we have them), to share on Sundays and social media.

Do you have a story or testimony that relates to:

1. Our hunger for God and his faithfulness to respond with provision or breakthrough when we sought him with all our hearts?

2. An expression of radical community where lives were impacted by the church gathering together as the body of Christ in some way?

3. People meeting Jesus in or through our church community?

4. Ministry with young people that saw vibrancy and growth across the generations?

These are some of passions our church has embraced for the last 20 years and will continue to keep at the forefront for the next 20 - we’d love to hear as MANY stories as possible that come to mind when you think of these things.

If you have a story or testimony to share, please write it down in 300 words or less and email it to Please include photos if you have them. You may submit as many stories/testimonies as you like!

God Bless!

Interested in the other activities that happen at The Billabong Community Centre? Call our office on 9455 6474 or email