What's Happening

What's on:

Clayton's Bali Trip

A couple of months ago one of our youth, Clayton, went to Bali on a school trip. If you'd like to find out what he got up to and how the donations given by the Billabong helped, check out his video below.

Billabong Photos

Do you have any great photos of the Billabong over the years? Anneliis would love a copy (including the date if you know!) so that she can create an archive gallery, and share some on our website.

Prayer Walking

On Tuesday mornings at 9am, we have started prayer walking around the church block. Anyone is welcome to join us.

Contact Database

We are starting to update our church contact database. If your details have changed or you aren't sure whether your details are correct, please see Anneliis or one of the welcome team on Sunday morning. There will be a print out on Sunday for people to check if needed, or forms that can be filled out with correct details.

If you are happy for your details to be shared in a church database available to members and friends of the Billabong, please let Anneliis know, or if you would just like them to be viewed by Pastoral and Ministry Leaders only. We value your privacy and will not share your information unless you give us permission to do so.

Details are used by staff to contact you and send out information.

Interested in the other activities that happen at The Billabong Community Centre? Call our office on 9455 6474 or email admin@thebillabong.org.au