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Celebrating 20 years of The Billabong!

Hi friends,

As we head towards our Celebration of the first 20 years of our church, we want to gather stories of God’s provision and faithfulness through this time. If you have a story of an event, season or experience you remember as being significant in the life of our church, we’d love you to share it with us to put on the website, social media and/or newsletters. Some of these stories we would also like to capture on video and add photos (if we have them), to share on Sundays and social media.

Do you have a story or testimony that relates to:

1. Our hunger for God and his faithfulness to respond with provision or breakthrough when we sought him with all our hearts?

2. An expression of radical community where lives were impacted by the church gathering together as the body of Christ in some way?

3. People meeting Jesus in or through our church community?

4. Ministry with young people that saw vibrancy and growth across the generations?

These are some of passions our church has embraced for the last 20 years and will continue to keep at the forefront for the next 20 - we’d love to hear as MANY stories as possible that come to mind when you think of these things.

If you have a story or testimony to share, please write it down in 300 words or less and email it to Please include photos if you have them. You may submit as many stories/testimonies as you like!

God Bless!

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New Year, New Choices!

February 2020

Have you ever noticed that you don’t have to think too hard about whether to eat dinner or not? Or whether to go to sleep at night? Or clean your clothes occasionally? It’s because we’ve made decisions ahead of time that we’ll eat, sleep and clean on a regular basis. Those decisions aren’t difficult when the needs arise because we’ve basically already decided that they are good and important things to do.

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What's on at the Billabong:

Term 1 Teaching Series

From 16th February we’ll be teaching through a series of topics all focussed on what the Christian faith is about and what is means to follow Jesus. Based on some of the ‘Alpha’ content, this will be a great time to invite a friend to church to explore faith.

KCO: 7 - 8 March

Kids Camp Out or KCO is a 24 hour, over night camp aimed at kids from Year 2 Year 7. It is run by the wider Uniting Church. Church groups bring the kids, along with junior leaders (Year 8 - Year 12) to experience a wider church community. The program incorporates shared meals, worship, sport, art and craft activities. It starts at 12.30pm Saturday 7 March until 12 noon Sunday 8 March at Advent Park, 345 Kalamunda Road, Maida Vale. The cost will be $50pp (food and tent accomodation). To register a child, junior leader or as an adult leader (requires a Working with Children Check), or if you have any questions, please email or talk to Anneliis. Registrations close 2 March.

Billabong Blokes

Resumes on the last Wednesday of the month, on 26 February. Come along for a BBQ in the Space from 7pm to meet other men, grow and be a part of the community. Bring along a friend!

31 May - Our Birthday!

Our 20th Birthday celebration is less than 4 months away! This will be a huge celebration on Pentecost Sunday so we’d love you to mark it in your calendar!

Our Prayer Room

Our prayer room is available to use any time. We’d love to see it become a space for spiritual renewal, revival and a focus on God's love. You can visit at any time during office hours, or to book a time (weekly or otherwise) after hours, please speak to Aaron (

What's on in the Wider Community:

Partnering for Change around the World

This month we will be supporting a number of partner organisations doing incredible work to bring change across the globe. As a church family, we commit approximately $15,000 in financial support to world missions. This year this includes the work of TEAR in South Sudan and UNOH in Thailand. We are redirecting funds given to The Billabong in December to these projects, so if you wish to receive a tax receipt for cash or direct debit gifts, please ask at the TEAR table or contact Marilyn at You can also support the work of ‘Ping Pong A Thon’ by sponsoring our team online at Thanks for your support

2019 Celebrations Roster

Interested in the other activities that happen at The Billabong Community Centre? Call our office on 9455 6474 or email