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Our church exists to be disciples and make disciples, walking with Jesus, becoming more like him and doing what he did and taught us to do.

Gospel People
Our current sermon series and discipleship focus from 1 Corinthians

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Group Discussion Guides: Gospel People (1 Corinthians)

Week 2 - The Gospel vs. 'Wisdom'

Reading: 1 Corinthians 1:18-31

Discussion Questions:

  1. What kinds of human "wisdom" do you notice others 'seek after' in today's world? What do you seek after?

  2. How would you express the gospel in a few short sentences. How does this differ from other kinds of human 'wisdom' out there today?

  3. If we've been given righteousness, holiness and redemption, as a gift (not earned), how does that change the way we live our day to day lives?

  4. What's one small way you could change how you approach each day in light of the gospel, starting now.

Group Prayer/Activity:

Spend some time thanking God for the gospel, and praying for people you know who haven't heard or have rejected the gospel.

Group Discussion Guides: Come, Holy Spirit Weeks 1-5

Week 1 - 'The Mission of the Spirit'

Passages: Romans 8:14-17 and John 14:26-27

Discussion Questions:

  1. How would you describe the Holy Spirit?

  2. Are there specific times in your life you can recall the Holy Spirit drawing you into the love of God? What was that like?

  3. Do you ever feel the “closeness” of the Spirit. What happens? What does that look like in your life?

  4. In light of our discussion today, what’s something you could DO over the coming few months to be more open to the Holy Spirit in your life?

Group Activity:

The Holy Spirit usually speaks in whispers and “comes close” when we are still or silent. After your leader prays this simple prayer “Come, Holy Spirit”, set a timer and spend 5 minutes as a group in stillness and silence. Be open to what he might want to say to you or show you. If you get distracted, ask the Holy Spirit to draw your attention back to him. If nothing happens, it’s ok! But posture yourself (eg. hold palms open, eyes closed) in a way that helps you have an open heart towards him.

After the 5 minutes, share your experience with the group if you are comfortable.

Week 2 - 'Welcoming the Holy Spirit'

Passage to read: Ephesians 5:17-21

Discussion Questions:

1. Why do you think we need to invite/welcome the Holy Spirit to come?

2. What have you seen the Holy Spirit do when you welcome him into your life or situation? 

3. Do you find it easy or difficult to hear God's voice? Is there anything that has helped?

4. In light of our discussion today, what’s something you could DO (or continue doing) over the coming months to be more open to the Holy Spirit in your life?

Group Activity:

First, take a few moments for everyone to think about a worry, a difficulty, a painful experience, or even a sin issue in your life that's bothering you. You don't have to share it with anyone if you don't want to.

Now, spend the next 5 minutes (the group leader can set a timer), inviting the Holy Spirit to come into that difficulty or situation and bring encouragement or healing. Be open to what he might say to you. If you're not sure what to pray, simply pray "Come, Holy Spirit", as many times as you like.

Don't worry if you don't "feel" or hear anything. We can trust that when we invite him into even the deepest parts of our lives, he is working, gently and lovingly.

Week 3 - 'R.I.S.K.'

Passage to read: Matthew 14:22-33

Discussion Questions:

1. Have you ever taken a risk when responding to what you thought the Holy Spirit was saying, but weren't sure? What happened?

2. Luke suggested in the sermon that "Failure is not an option: it's a necessity". Have you ever said or done something you thought was in obedience to God, but it turned out you got it wrong? What did you learn from the experience?

3. If you don't find it easy to hear the voice or sense the leading of the Holy Spirit, you're right at home! What's one simple way you could begin listening for his voice and responding by 'stepping out', even if that's risky?

4. Is there anything you think God might have been asking you do or say to someone recently, but you've brushed it off, presuming its "probably not God"? What would you risk if you assumed it IS God, and responded? What COULD you gain?

Group Activity:

Think of this as a "stepping out of the boat" exercise.

Sit quietly, and pray those simple words, "Come, Holy Spirit". Then begin to ask the Holy Spirit if there's anything he wants you to do, or something he wants you to say to your group or someone in it. Then wait, listen, be open.

The Holy Spirit may remind you or a scripture or song that may encourage someone. You may feel moved to pray with a particular individual. You may even feel you have a 'message of encouragement' for the group or someone in it.

After 3-4 minutes of quiet prayer, share as appropriate with the group (or the individual).

REMEMBER: If a thought comes to mind, don't assume it's just a thought - it may be God! Ask the Holy Spirit for clarification, and for your help to trust him. The Holy Spirit ALWAYS speaks to us and leads us in line with scripture, and ALWAYS for the good of others, so that we may be drawn into God's love. So if it meets these criteria, go for it! What do you have to lose?

Week 4 - 'Prophecy'

Passage to read: 1 Corinthians 14:1-5

Discussion Questions:

1. New Testament prophecy is receiving and delivering to others a word or message from God as the Spirit enables. Have you seen or experienced this before?

2. God speaks to ordinary, untrained people. Do you believe you are capable and worthy of hearing God's voice? Why? Why not?

3. In 1 Corinthians, Paul says numerous time: "eagerly desire" the gifts of the Spirit, especially prophecy. Is anything stopping you from pursuing this gift (eg. fear, doubt, a theological perspective?) How could you be more open and desire to exercise the gift of prophecy?

4. Is there someone you are currently praying for (or could pray for) that you could be open to sharing a "prophetic word" with this week? (for example, asking God to give you a scripture to encourage them with?)

Group Activity:

Gather in pairs. Spend 1 minute (use a timer) in silence, asking the Holy Spirit to give you a prophetic word for the other person, then share with each other. The Spirit may bring to mind a single word, a bible verse, or a 'picture' in your minds eye. If you're not sure what it means, ask for clarification, but if you're still not sure, share it anyway - it may make sense to the other person.

Don't hesitate to share what you feel the Holy Spirit gives you, so long as the motivation is encouragement and building each other up. You'll likely not be sure, and if, after sharing, it seems you got it "wrong", don't worry! Try again!

Switch the pairs around and do this again - 3 or 4 times if you can. If you have an odd number and have a group of 3, ensure each person is prayed for (you'll work it out!)

Week 4 - 'The Gifts'

Passages: 1 Corinthians 12:1-11

Discussion Questions:

  1. Which of the 'gifts of the Spirit' listed in 1 Corinthians 12 have you seen before? Which have you personally experienced?

  2. Do you have reservations about the use of these 'manifestations of the Spirit' in the church today? Talk about this.

  3. Paul says to "eagerly desire" these gifts. Are there one or two of these gifts you long to receive or experience, despite hesitation/fear/doubt?

  4. How, practically, could you maintain an open and receptive heart before God in the weeks ahead, continuing to "eagerly desire" the gifts you long for?

Group Activity:

Pray for each other to receive the gifts of the Spirit desired, following your discussion above. Don't rush or make it complicated - just invite the Holy Spirit to come, make the appropriate request before God, then sit quietly for a while and allow the Spirit to work.

Some tips:

  • The gift of healing (or miracles, or faith): if someone in the group needs healing, pray for them. If someone wants the faith and confidence to pray for others to be healed, pray for this.

  • The gifts of prophecy, words of knowledge and words of wisdom: if someone wants to receive and exercise these gifts, pray for this and challenge them to share any words God gives them as they wait on the Spirit

  • The gift of tongues: if someone desires the gift of tongues, pray for this, and encourage them to begin speaking if they feel the words "rising up" within them. Don't force it, but allow the space.

  • The gift of interpretation of tongues: if anyone does speak in tongues, allow anyone who feels they have an interpretation to share.

  • Being filled with the Holy Spirit: Ask if anyone would simply like to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Again, just invite the Holy Spirit, ask God to fill this person with his Spirit, wait, and allow God to work!

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