Welcome to the Billabong!

The Billabong is a community of Jesus followers who meet every Sunday at 10am to celebrate relationship with God. The reason we exist is to promote life in our communities with growing faith, grounded hope and generous love.

Discovery Bible Study (DBS)

Are you keen to share you faith with friends or colleagues in a simple yet practical way? Discovery Bible Study is for Christians and non-Christians alike to read and apply the Bible to their lives using a few simple questions. Click here for more info.

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Events Calendar

Ginger Bread House Making: 16 December

Christmas Carols: 23 December

Christmas Day: 8am bring and share breakfast and 'Instant Nativity'

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Contact Us

Office Enquires and Booking Requests:

08 9455 6474 / admin@thebillabong.org.au

Office Hours:

Monday to Thursday: 9am - 5pm. Closed Fridays and Public Holidays.


If you would like to give to further the outworking of God’s Kingdom in our local and global communities you can do this easily. We thank you for considering supporting the Billabong financially. To learn more about the idea of giving click here.

  1. Sunday Offering – Tithes and offerings are collected on Sundays and can be put in the offering box located at the back of the church.
  2. Direct Debit: BSB 036224 A/C Number 131848.
  3. Fill out a pledge card (near offering box) to show that you are committed to supporting the church regularly, or let our treasurer know at accounts@thebillabong.org.au

"It is more blessed to give than to receive." - Jesus / Acts 20:35