The Shed Era

February 2001: Worship in the Shed

April 2001: The Billabong Congregation

July 2001: Filling in the Sandpit

November 2001: Fixing up the Shed

March 2002: Easter Breakfast

May 2002: Bonfire on the block

June 2002: Preaching in the Shed

September 2002: Worship in the Shed

2003: Billabong Congregation

December 2003: The only baptism in the Billabong lake

December 2003: Billabong Kids

March 2004: KUCA Camp Out

April 2004: 24/7 Prayer Room

April 2004: Passover Meal

December 2004: Christmas Breakfast

Early 2005: Billabong Congregation

March 2005: Easter Dawn Service

June 2005: Oasis Celebration led by the kids

November 2005: Billabong Congregation

May 2006: Worship at Ranford Primary School