Hi! You may be here because you’re thinking about baptism or confirmation. In this section of our website are the steps to baptism or a “reaffirmation of baptism" (or "confirmation") here at The Billabong. We hope the content on the pages that follow are both inviting and challenging, since this is a significant step.

Please read the content on each page, consider the reflection questions and if you wish to continue towards this important event in your life, contact our Minister at the email provided on the final page. Enjoy and God bless.

(Please note that in this section of our website, when we say 'Baptism' we are referring to the baptism of adults, youth or older children (not infants), sometimes called "believers baptism". Infant baptism is another valid expression or 'form' of baptism in the Uniting Church, but is not addressed in these pages. Should you wish to enquire about this, please contact our minister, Luke -