Our Leaders

The spiritual direction and leadership of The Billabong is the responsibility of our voluntary leadership team, along with our Minister, Revd. Luke Williams. The Leadership Team are responsible for overseeing the pastoral care, teaching, training and missional initiatives of the church community as well as the practical areas of finance, property and administration. They, along with other ministry leaders work with Luke to ensure our large gatherings (Celebrations), smaller gatherings (small groups and life communities) and programs and activities are each contributing to the church living out it's vision: to be a thriving family of God, transforming our communities.

Luke and his wife Kerin have a heart to see all Christians living as and making devoted disciples of Jesus. Luke began his placement as a Minister at The Billabong in February 2013 after interning at the church. He and Kerin were married in September of that year, and Kerin now works as a chaplain at Kelmscott Senior High School and helps lead the playgroup at The Billabong. They have two sons, Micah and Josiah.

Aaron Tan is our Facilities Manager. He is married to Ee Von and they have two daughters, Ashlyne & Alyson

Anneliis Harries is the Church Administrator. She is married to Cameron and they help run Amplify Youth. They have one daughter, Alexandra.

Our volunteer leaders are the driving force behind our church - we couldn't do it without them!

If you would like to know more about the leadership structure of our congregation or the Uniting Church, please call or email Luke - 9455 6474 (church office) or luke@thebillabong.org.au