Our Beliefs

As an Evangelical Uniting Church, The Billabong holds to a reformed, evangelical and historically orthodox view of the Christian faith.  The confessional substance of our beliefs can be found in the Basis of Union (click here).  Most importantly, we believe that:

- God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit – one God, known in three persons, and is defined by the dynamic and loving interaction between those three persons.  God is Love. (1 John 4:8)

- The Bible, including both the Old and New Testaments, is the inspired Word of God.

- On the Cross Jesus made an all-sufficient sacrifice for the sins of the world, and that when we confess him as Lord and believe God raised him from the dead, we are saved from eternal judgement and receive the promise of eternal life (new life) in him. (Romans 10:9)

- The church is the Priesthood of all believers, where every member of the church has gifts given by the Holy Spirit and for which there is a corresponding service.

- The church, empowered by the Holy Spirit, has an Acts 1:8 mandate and a Matthew 28 commission to witness to Jesus and go and make disciples of all the world.

The Billabong is a member of Pneuma (Pastoral Network of Evangelicals Uniting in Mission Action). 

Members of PNEUMA are Christians who stand with orthodox believers in all eras who have held the historic creeds. In particular, however, we differ from Christians in some traditions in the emphasis we place on the following commitments, together associated historically with the tradition called ‘Evangelical’.