Who We Are

The Billabong exists to promote life in our communities with growing faith, grounded hope and generous love.

Promoting life in our communities is the way we express the Christian mission to make disciples at The Billabong - our mission. By 'promoting' we mean that we are ambassadors of Jesus, called to represent him and carry on his work of making disciples (Matthew 28). By 'life' we mean the new, abundant life that Jesus offers when we commit our whole lives to him. And by 'communities' we mean both the communities, large and small that make up The Billabong, and the wider communities we are a part of - our neighbourhoods, workplaces, schools etc.

Ultimately, we want people to know God, and together we want to make God known. This is our vision, our dream, and the identity God has given us to live out and grow into.

As we trust God to help us live out our mission and see our vision come a reality, we want this to be evident in growing faith, grounded hope, and generous love - our marks. The apostle Paul said that these three things will last forever.

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