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'Come, Holy Spirit'
Our current sermon series and discipleship focus

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Group Discussion Guide: Week 1 - 'The Mission of the Spirit' (click here to show group questions & activities)

Passages: Romans 8:14-17 and John 14:26-27

Discussion Questions:

  1. How would you describe the Holy Spirit?

  2. Are there specific times in your life you can recall the Holy Spirit drawing you into the love of God? What was that like?

  3. Do you ever feel the “closeness” of the Spirit. What happens? What does that look like in your life?

  4. In light of our discussion today, what’s something you could DO over the coming few months to be more open to the Holy Spirit in your life?

Group Activity:

The Holy Spirit usually speaks in whispers and “comes close” when we are still or silent. After your leader prays this simple prayer “Come, Holy Spirit”, set a timer and spend 5 minutes as a group in stillness and silence. Be open to what he might want to say to you or show you. If you get distracted, ask the Holy Spirit to draw your attention back to him. If nothing happens, it’s ok! But posture yourself (eg. hold palms open, eyes closed) in a way that helps you have an open heart towards him.

After the 5 minutes, share your experience with the group if you are comfortable.

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