Gospel People

Part 1: Becoming who we are

Part 2: The Gospel vs 'Wisdom'

Part 3: The Gospel in the Bible

Part 4: Mini Sermons

Part 5: Gospel Imitation

Part 6: Gospel Behaviour

Part 7: Gospel Sexuality

Part 8: Gospel Sexuality (2)

Part 9: Gospel Sufficiency

Part 10: Love vs Knowlede

Part 11: Compelled to Tell

Part 12: Gospel 'How' and Gospel 'Why'

Part 13: Absolutes and Freedoms

Part 14: Gospel Humility

Part 15: One Table

Part 16: The boxes we make for God

Part 17: Gospel Unity and Diversity

Part 18: The Gospel of Love

Part 19: The Gift of Love

Part 20: Good Order in Worship

Part 21: Learning, living and sharing the Gospel

Part 22: Resurrection People

Part 23: Buried in Brokeness, Raised in Glory

Part 24: Living the Gospel