Choosing to follow Jesus

If you're reached this page, we're glad you're here! The Billabong exists to help meet, get to know and follow Jesus. We say it this way: Be Disciples and Make Disciples. 

Jesus is the greatest person who ever lived. But he's far more than just a great person. For 2000 years Christians have worshipped Jesus as the Son of God and the one who reveals what God is really like to humanity. Jesus, God the Son, offers us a relationship with God the Father, and gives us God the Holy Spirit to help us live the life we were meant for. 

Choosing to follow Jesus starts with seeking forgiveness for our sins. Jesus died so our sin and all its effects would be paid for. We thank him for this sacrifice and then ask him to give us the Holy Spirit so we can live for God. 

If you prayed this simple prayer - sorry, thank you, please - you are now a follower of Jesus and have the promise of eternal life with God!

Whether you're at this point or not, we have some ways you can learn what it means to follow Jesus:

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If you've chosen to follow Jesus and want to explore baptism or confirmation, click here

God bless, and don't hesitate to get in touch if we can help in any way!