A prayer of commitment

If you are joining us for our next Baptism Celebration, here is a prayer of commitment we will share together for those committed to following Jesus, 100%!


Today is an important day for me. Today, I believe you and receive, perhaps for the first time, the forgiveness of sins you have achieved through your death on the cross. And I realise that this is only the beginning. I want to be baptised [or I affirm my baptism].

I acknowledge you have brought me to this church to fellowship, worship and serve. I accept your leadership of my life, of this church and those you have appointed to lead. I ask that your Holy Spirit fill me, clothe me, empower me to make me the spiritual cultural carrier you want me to be in this church, in my home and in my work place.

I reject all negativity, criticism, religious spirit, unhealthy attitudes, pride and resentment in Jesus name. I confess any gossip, negativity, bad report that I may have allowed into my ears or from my mouth and reject it now in Jesus name. I offer to you my finance, my time, my talents and my relationships to glorify you and to serve in this church and beyond in Jesus’ name.

I offer to you the possibility that you are calling me to host, lead and to certainly join a life group to grow in faith with others in this church. Jesus, I believe you are building your church and I ask, start with me and if necessary; do a renovation of my part of this house.

Forgive me, fill me, lead me and strengthen me to strengthen your house – the church. In Jesus’ name Amen.