AGM 2023

Our AGM was held on 30th April 2023. The 2022 annual report, meeting minutes and agenda/supporting information circulated prior to the meeting are below. 

2022 Annual Report v1 low res (1).pdf
2023 Billabong AGM Minutes FINAL.docx.pdf

2023 AGM
30th April 12-2pm

2023 AGM - Supporting information

ITEMS 4 & 5: Receiving the 2022 Actuals and 2023 Budget, and an update and discussion on our financial situation 

The 2022 actuals and 2023 budget have been approved by the church council, and these are displayed at At our AGM, we will ask the congregation to receive these reports.

At our AGM, Liam will provide an update and comments on our overall financial position, the opportunities and challenges ahead of us, and how our members can support the ministry of The Billabong financially in the months and years ahead. 

ITEM 6: Update on our leadership and governance structure and election of new and continuing members of these teams (leaders/elders and councillors)

Since The Billabong was formed as a congregation of the Uniting Church in WA, its Leadership Team has been responsible for both pastoral ministry leadership and governance. This aligns with the responsibilities of the "Church Council" according to the regulations/constitution of the Uniting Church (ie. the Leadership Team has been another name for the Church Council)

In 2020, the Leadership Team established two subgroups - the 'board' (responsible for governance) and the 'ministry team' (responsible for pastoral ministry leadership). While these groups met separately for their respective responsibilities, the whole Leadership Team also met semi regularly for consideration of major decisions. 

In late 2022, the leadership team reconsidered its structure and felt that it was appropriate to continue with two distinct teams, named appropriately, for the roles of governance and pastoral ministry leadership respectively. These two distinct teams are now called the Leadership Team and the Church Council (not the 'ministry team' and 'board').

While not a lot changes from the way we operated in 2020-2022, this renaming of the groups better aligns us with the Uniting Church regulations (which speaks of "elders/leaders" and "church councillors").

At our AGM Sarah Sheehy and Andrew Hunter will be proposed as new members of the Leadership Team (joining Yoy Alberastine, Revd. Luke Williams, Pastor Cameron Harries and Minister in training Samuel Annan). David Fenwick, Greg Mueller (re-election), and one other (TBC) will be proposed as new members of the church council (joining Dean David and Liam Salter).

ITEM 7: Election of roles (eg. Presbytery and Synod members)

If you are interested in becoming a member of Presbytery or Synod, or wish to join The Billabong as a confirmed member, please contact Luke prior to the AGM -

ITEM 8: Updates on other important matters such as Nature Play, property issues and our church plant

There are exciting things happening in the year ahead, as well as some challenges (you may have noticed the barriers around and holes in the rammed earth wall, for example). Church council will provide some updates and hold some discussions and prayer.

ITEM 9: Discussion on The Billabong congregation joining the Propel Network

The Leadership Team and Church Council are exploring The Billabong joining a network of Uniting Church congregations and individuals called the "Propel Network" and would like to hear the thoughts of Billabongers on this. We encourage you to read about the Propel Network, its vision, values and beliefs at

The Billabong congregation considered joining the Propel Network in 2019 but held off for a couple of reasons. At the time, some members expressed concern about joining Propel and adopting it's belief statement due to it's stance on sexuality (a traditional view of marriage). The network was also relatively new and it was unclear what The Billabong would receive from and contribute to the network in its infancy. 

The leadership team would like to share the opportunities that now exist for partnerships, learning and encouragement within the Propel Network, what it means to join the network regarding theological positions on certain issues, and hear the thoughts and feedback of members.