2022/23 finances


2022 – key events:

As all reading this will be aware, 2022 held some significant events for the life of the Billabong.  In terms of finances, my ‘top three’ are the these: 

The Billabong budget structure:

As a quick recap, the Billabong has 4 separate accounts/funds, each governed by different guiding principles:

This year the establishment of the church plant will lead to some modifications to this budget, without needing a complete revamp.  From 2023 onwards (for at least 3 years, and until the church plant becomes financially independent from The Billabong Canning Vale), the budget for The Billabong HPW will be added inside of the Operating Expenses fund. Both The Billabong HPW and The Billabong CV will have their own Income/Expenses/Transfers lines, which will ultimately group together into one collected total.  See the slides for a better illustration of this.  

2022 Actuals:

In 2022 we forecast a deficit of ~$10,000, but at year-end, finished with a deficit of ~$23,000.  Overall, expenses were slightly lower than budgeted, but income was also lower than expected, from both congregational giving and rental income.  The decrease in rental income was predominantly due to Kids Active pausing one of their programs (decreasing their use of the building).  By the end of the year, this had reverted back to the normal planned rates. 

We are able to occasionally have deficits as we have cash that we hold available in our operating expenses fund, however we do need to return the budget to surplus, so are discussing this as a leadership team, and hope to continue in the finance round table sessions.  

Capital Projects and other funds:

In terms of significant updates/changes to the capital projects fund, a few items were fully complete in 2022 (cabinets for the café space, AV equipment purchases).  The nature play allocation has not yet been materially spent, but significant progress has been made with planning & approvals, so we intend to fully fund the remainder of nature play in 2023, to allow it to be fully built this year. 

Minimal funds were spent from the Future Maintenance fund in 2022 and no funds were drawn from the Expanding Ministry Fund.  A break down of spending from all three special funds will be presented at the AGM (if not prior).

2023 budget:  

Significant changes to the 2023 budget are an increase in the amount planned to transfer to the future maintenance fund (from $12,000 to $30,000), and the inclusion of the HPW budget.
Also included below is a 3 year budget for the Harrisdale/Piara Waters church plant. Note that any differences between this document and The Billabong's 2023 draft budget are due to the commencement of the church plant being in March

Finance Information Slides
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The Billabong Finances overview 2022-23.pdf

2022 Actuals and 2023 budget PDF (approved by church council 2nd Apr 2023)
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2022 actuals and approved 2023 budget.pdf

3 year budget (March 2023 - February 2026) for Harrisdale/Piara Waters Church Plant PDF
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3 year budget harrsidale piara waters.pdf