The Billabong is a community of Jesus followers who meet every Sunday at 10am to celebrate relationship with God. The reason we exist is to promote life in our communities with growing faith, grounded hope and generous love. 

Join us for a new series of talks in August/September on its a good thing to be a little bit weird.

For details on activities at our Community Centre in Canning Vale and how to hire, click here.

New Gospel Exploration Blog:
  • The way of generosity Its fair to say that Jesus was the most generous person who ever lived. Not only did he give up his life for those he loved, we Christians believe that he gave up privilege, status and power as the second person of the trinity to come and live among humanity where he would be treated like the lowest of the low. In order to reach people no one was reaching, he had to do things no one was doing, and that involved sacrifice. One of the ways he lived was to do everything with generosity. In fact, a generous life is arguably the way of Jesus. If every aspect of our lives were marked with generosity, we would be a ...
    Posted Jul 23, 2017, 6:09 PM by Luke Williams
  • The Way(s) of Jesus One of the most valuable things about the accounts of Jesus life (the gospels) is the glimpse we are given into the way Jesus lived his life. The gospels are indeed records of his speeches and verbal interactions with people and the miracles he did as a taste of God's Kingdom. But the gospels also paint a picture of the way he went about his days, his weeks and seasonal period. They show us the kind of people he chose to spend time with. The places he went and why he went there. Even the mindset behind why he lived the way he lived.Its a little harder to observe the way of life Jesus lived when reading the ...
    Posted Jul 23, 2017, 12:14 AM by Luke Williams
  • Gospel Exploration Christianity has for almost 2000 years been driven by its core sacred texts, a collection of 66 books of various genres called The Bible. At the 'theological centre' of The Bible is four accounts of Jesus life, called "the gospels". Without the gospels, literally the good news's, the Bible would mean something completely different to us. Jesus frames and guides our faith, because our faith is indeed not driven by the written word, but by him, the living word, the one who fully reveals God to us.Even still, we rely on written accounts of this living person to learn how to live as children of God. No wonder Christianity is expressed in thousands of different ways across the ...
    Posted Jul 22, 2017, 10:55 PM by Luke Williams
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