A Reading Challenge

Never read the Bible before as a daily practice? Tried to, but never really followed through? This month, we're encouraging you to have a go reading the Bible every day for 4 weeks, whether you consider yourself a follower of Jesus or not.

Firstly, choose a book of the Bible to read through. Try one of the 'epistles' (1&2 Peter, James, Romans, Ephesians - anything between Acts and Revelation - towards the end of the Bible) because these are letters originally written to help followers of Jesus in their faith. If you want to learn about Jesus though, or are just starting out - read Matthew, Mark Luke or John. Or prefer reading plans? Great! Whatever works for you.

Commit to reading a SHORT section each day - maybe 3 or 4 minutes worth. Re-read the section if you need to take in what its saying a little more. Mark where you got up to, and pick it up from there the next day.

When you read the passage, ask these questions:
1. What jumps out at you?
2. What's the meaning of this for me?
3. Could I put this into practice some way?

If the passage makes no sense to you, ask someone! Message me (lukefromaus on facebook) or post it on the facebook event and I'll do my best to help out.

If you like, you can share your insights through the form on the left, especially if you think there's something that would be encouraging for others seeking to follow Jesus.

Need to be a follower of Jesus to do this? Absolutely not! Reading the Bible for yourself is a great way to explore what Jesus was all about and what the church is actually on about.

Need an incentive? If you succeed in reading every day for 4 weeks (or close to it), coffee's on me (Luke). And that's a Roastery coffee of course (or a cafe of your choice), not just the cheap stuff.

Happy reading!