Kairos Quest 
Matthew 18:5  Whoever receives one little child like this in My name receives Me

This children ministry is dedicated for school aged children between years 1 and 6As our name suggests we follow the Kairos Quest curriculum that has been specifically designed for school aged children. The aim of the program is to teach children the ways of Jesus, to make discipleship the main goal and work together with families.

We have a devoted ministry team that prepare structured yet fun lessons for every Sunday. The lesson is designed for a duration of 25 minutes and includes:
  1. Welcome and review questions from the week before.
  2. Activity - We play a game that ties in with the lesson.
  3. Bible story - A lesson is taught around a Biblical principal.
  4. Prayer time - We spend some time praying for each other and have reflection time. 
Other activities we do throughout the year include:
  • Kids Camp Out - The Uniting Church kids camp held in March each year. 
  • Various Excursions
  • Basic Biblical teaching
  • Parent discipleship course (Date TBC)

Kairos is a ancient Greek word meaning “opportunity,” “season,” or “fitting time.” 

Kingdom Kids
This children ministry is dedicated for children between the ages of 18 months and 5 years

We have a devoted ministry team that prepare structured yet fun lessons every Sunday. The lesson is designed to last 25 minutes and includes:
  1. Bible story - A story out of the Bible is read to all the children with visuals.
  2. Activity - Linked to the story there is an activity that encourages the children's creativity.
  3. Prayer time - We encourage the children to pray and we teach them the basics of prayer.
  4. Play time - we give the children some time to interact and build relationship with each other.