Discover Bible Study

The guide below can be used for small groups to discuss passages of the bible during our study of Luke's gospel in January 2018. This is based on the 'Discovery Bible Study' method.

  1. ‘Read Scripture’ Video


  • How did you go with your plan from last week? What was challenging?

  • If the you read the designated readings this week, what captured your attention?

  1. Animated Video

  1. Discovery Bible Study

Read, Read and Retell

  • Choose a passage from the section of Luke’s gospel in the video (around 5-10 verses)

    • Suggestions on the screen

  • Have someone read the whole passage

  • Have someone else read the passage again (in another translation if possible)

  • Have someone else retell the story from memory


  • What does this passage say about God?

  • What does this passage say about us/people?

  • What could God be saying to you in this passage?


  • In light of this passage, what is God calling you to do this week? (make a plan)

  • Who are you going to tell about this plan this week?


  • What is going to be a challenge this week? (pray together if you wish)